Fast Trading Terminal

Trade smarter.

Empowering your trading journey on Dex space with lightning-fast transactions, uncompromised security, presale sniping, all within an easy interface and passive income!

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Speed to Prosperity

FTT's Instant Transactions will allow you to capitalize on market movements. React faster than everyone on the market.

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Constant Vigilance, Ultimate Security

Encrypted at all stages from client to servers with the use of industry standards our Fast Trading Terminal is safe as any wallet you use daily. This allows us to not hide the private keys of wallets from users as the other bots do. You have access to your wallets at any time and can import them to the other wallet you prefer to daily use for direct access.

Stay protected with our ultimate security and constantly updated defense mechanisms against rugs and honeypots.

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Set It and Forget It

Unlock control, confidence and strategy with limit orders. FTT will watch over your trade, buying or selling for you when the price will reach your desired targets. Our MEV-protection will make your transaction non-revertable, without any additional gas costs.

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Alternative Sniping System

Powered by on-chain analysis, an advanced contract scanner, and dynamic adjustment to any market conditions, ASS picks the sweetest spot and the best time for a buy entry on YOUR terms. It operates in fully automatic mode, protecting you from purchase to sell.

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Def.Cafe stands for clarity and experience. We're fully doxxed, making our identities clear to all. Our team consists of industry professionals who've been in the tech landscape for a long time, showcasing our adaptability, resilience, and ability to handle any challenges.

But wait, there is more!
With FTT, you can earn money even without trading anything! And there is two ways you can do that:

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You will receive 25% of the fees collected from clients you bring to the platform, and 1% from the people they bring (and from whoever these people invite, too). No additional steps required! Learn more referral docs.

Indirect (x)*:
Your revenue:1170$ /MO

*Each direct referee invites x people. Calculations are based on average trading fees generated by one person.

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By staking your tokens, you become eligible to receive a portion (15%) of our earned revenue, without any taxes or time locks or periods. Stake/unstake any time, no fees. Learn more at staking docs and visit our staking page.

Our contract address for both ETH and BSC chains:


The staking calculator provides projected revenue based on average trading statistics for users and planned growth. Actual results may vary.

Your revenue:386$ /MO

With us, you only pay commission on successful trades. We ensure you get the most for your money. Choose between Basic and Pro tiers, both packed with the same features. The Pro tier, however, offers massive fee discount.

  • Subscribe for $50/month ($35 with a referral link or $25 if you hold 10k of CAFE tokens).


  • Use our terminal until your paid taxes hit $50 ($35 with a referral link or $25 if you hold 10k of CAFE tokens). Then, you automatically level up to Pro. Easy!

Basic tier


  • Market orders - 0,4%
  • MEV protection, Limit orders - 0,5%
  • Server costly operations (sniping, emulations, etc.) - 1%
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Pro tier

50 or 35 or 25$


or earnable by trading with basic tier

  • Market orders - 0,2%
  • Limit orders - 0,35%
  • Server costly operations (sniping, emulations, etc.) - 0.5%
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If you have any questions, we are always happy to answer in Discord, Telegram, or e-mail.

Take a look at our knowledge base, where you can see the info about doxxed founders, tutorials, and other information docs and in the blog.

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